Welcome to The Tigers Guild – WORLD FIRST FULLY 3D ANIMATED NFT project!

Each algorithmically generated Tiger is created from a blend of over 350 properties/traits. This results in each minter receiving a completely unique and distinct 3D model of their Tiger!

This feat is achieved thanks to a disruptive rarity algorithm developed by the Tigers Guild team.

With that being said, did you know that a group of Tigers living in the wild is referred to as “an ambush”?

Well, our Tigers Guild Ambush will be limited to only 8,888 Tigers that will be allowed to live on the Ethereum blockchain!

Ownership of one of these coveted Tigers entitles you to a “Guild Membership”. Guild Membership provides each owner with access to any and all members-only airdrops, exclusives and privileges now and to be announced in the future.

To stay up to date with the Guild, join our discord : TigersDiscord

Individually, each Tiger is priced at 0.08 ETH and will remain at 0.08 ETH until all 8,888 Tigers have been sold. No bonding curves here, we only bond with the Guild!.

We grant you access to mint here:


Roadmap activations

10% SOLD
We will max boost the discord.

- 10 Tigers will be given to random Guild members

- 3D print files will be made available upon request in order to print your Tiger attwitter

- Creation of the Tigers Guild Wildlife Foundation*

- Initiate creation of an iOS/Android App to take photos with your tigers

- Ongoing monthly prizes will be awarded for photo contests within the Guild!

25% SOLD
50% SOLD

The Royals**10 will be released, with their own personal ERC721 contract!

- 5 Royals will be given to 5 lucky Guild members. The remaining 5 Royals will be sold in a charity auction, where 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Tigers Guild Wildlife Foundation.

- These are the rarest Tigers of them all and represent lifetime VIP status for all future Tigers Guild productions

- 100% of commissions from future Royal sales will go to the Tigers Guild Wildlife Foundation directly impacting the creatures we care so much about

- Merch store opens.

- Distribute founders’ rings - yes actual physical Tiger Rings! 100 irl rings will be created and distributed to our most active community members. Quantifying metrics can be found in our Discord!

- Initiate Tiger gamification creation We want our Guild to be as active as possible, so we will be creating a competition based game, pitting Tiger against Tiger. This will allow you to grow your Guild reputation, gain popularity for your Tiger, and of course WIN some badass prizes.

75% SOLD
100% SOLD

- Initiate the Metaverse Jungle creation. That’s right! Use your 3D Tiger avatar to roam the metaverse.

- Tigers Guild liquidity pool creation

Founders Note

Along the way there are some surprise airdrops, additional Guild benefits, and don’t forget the MERCH!

This project has three pillars: Community, Quality, and Philanthropy.

Lots of events, contests, and laughs, all while still having a positive impact on through the Tigers Guild Wildlife Foundation.

We are excited to have you all join the Tigers Guild!

A new collection of small, cute, and nimble tiger cubs are already in production and will be released as a free airdrop to all Guild members.

More on the horizon!

Tigers guild

Each tiger is a unique piece of 3D digital artwork which has been randomly generated from a mix of over 350 different traits!

All Tigers are stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Check out the video below for an example:

Join our youtube chanel

About sale

Your Tiger gives you a guild membership card and grants you access to member-only privileges. The higher we fly, the more benefits our members will get.

Note - 500 tigers from the collection will be raffled off.

Sale is coming soon

You can purchase 20 tigers at a time.

Tigers available: 6213
Price per NFT: 0.08 ETH
Total: 0.08 ETH

Become one of us

The Tigers Guild is more than just a project - it’s a strong community of passionate people. Our team will make 100 physical certified original rings (50 gold \ 50 silver), which will gradually be sent to the most active members of our Guild. We have a strong and friendly community, you have a chance to become one of us and receive this wonderful ring.


WantedPixel – Tim Janiels twitter
PixelsOfJustice twitter
CCamaro – Kirill Koryagin twitter
Project manager:
Stepan Gavrilov discord linkedIn
S.JavadHashemi twitter
Mantowar4 twitter
Alina#4526 – Contract Creator twitter linkedIn
Dmitry Lunin (aka SEO Expert) linkedIn
Aleksei Blinov (designer)
Relaunch architects:
PumaJaw twitter
Sshadowfaxx.eth twitter
Wee twitter
Cash twitter
Kevinjhamilton2 twitter
Coreyricke twitter
Skunkworks twitter


The Tigers Guild will be launched on July 14th 8pm EST/ July 15th 12am UTC. Join our discord or follow us on discord. All Tigers can be purchased at thetigersguild.com, or on OpenSea after presale.

Initially, WantedPixel and CCamaro came up with this idea, after which they began to implement it and assemble a team of cool guys.

We are a team of NFT enthusiasts that are thrilled to bring you custom-built technology that elevates the quality of 3D NFTs, and expand our already global community. We have backgrounds in project creation and management, blockchain contracting and development, full stack development, 3D design and illustration, and still growing our team (join our discord to apply!). Here is our team:

Only 8 888 tigers since we do not want our members to lose the value of their tigers by creating new ones. We also reserve the right to burn tokens that are not sold within a certain time to raise the value of those already sold (Of course, if our guild members are not against it)

At the moment we are not ready to answer this question as we consider it a secret of the company. We do not want to reveal the mechanism of development and assembly of our tigers.

All Tigers during the presale are the same price 0.08 ETH, no bonded curve here. Note - the price after the presale (OpenSea) will depend on the decision of the members of our guild.


Yes, after purchasing a token on the presale, you can claim it as a creator!

We reserve this right for the members of our guild. They will decide for themselves and choose charities for donation.